Some initiatives taken within his multi-faceted profession have been activated by him especially for the
purpose of promoting surfing .

The courses with HSA and the production of the EVERY DAY boards are testimony to this.
Also during his free time, he has the pleasure of carrying out completely free of charge activities for the
sector in which he works.

Since he was a child he has practised sport at a competitive level and his passion for surfing practised as
a sport for all purposes has allowed him to hold the position a few years ago of National Manager of the
Surfing Sector for the ASI Sports Promotion Authority.

He organizes competittions and national championships. He is also responsible for the training of instructors
in the various disciplines that he represent: Surfing, Sup Surfing and Sup Race

In Rome, more precisely in Ostia, his city of birth, he then founded a non-profit sports association to promote
surfing: SUP WAVE CLUB. During the summer when he is in Italy he often go to the beach to promote sport.

He also has a project in the Durban humanitarian organization: Surfers Not Street Children where he teaches surfing thus giving back to the society some of what surfing has given him.

He is a great lover of nature in all its expressions one and he immerses himself in it as well as in water.

An example of this is his work in a nature reserve: KLOOF CONSERVANCY (South African organization that takes care of preserving natural environments). When he is in Durban he often takes long walks in a beautiful environment, trying to promote and support this organization

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