He believes, since he began his profession, to have so far shaped about 15,000 boards of various kinds. Of all these he has produced about half of them by hand and made at least 2,000 boards designs.

Although he has worked for a lot of the time in tight and constrained rhythms in productions of quantity, he has always have considered that the top quality of the product can be reached only with much professional experience and with the correct production times in order to create great surfboards.

Usually, however, these times don’t coincide with those of high-volume production.
He then decided at this stage of his career to slow down and to devote himself to the design of boards for third parties as a freelancer and continue to produce his boards in limited quantity to deliver to his customer one of the best products available in the international market both in quality and in performance in the sea.

He has produced boards that, via distributors, have arrived not only in Italy but in many European countries as well, in fact almost all those countries that border on the Atlantic Ocean, but also in Israel and even in Germany and Switzerland.

Outside the European Community, he has exported his products to Japan and South Africa.

One of his characteristics is that he wants to realize his boards model in a total autonomy without any external influence, only based on his professional experiences, in order to give his personal identity in the final form of the project. In the past, he has made models for other important companies that are doing extra products, these includes: GUCCI and FERRARI, but also small companies like BEAR, INSTINCT or REIGN for example.

In the last 5 years, he has been asked by international surfing companies to create some models with his personal shaping style to be included in their catalogues. He has therefore designed boards models for these companies and he is proudly to say, after their distribution in various countries the feedback on this has been very positive. It was a great experience.

The companies he currently works with are:
HURRICANE South Africa, AQUA INC Netherlands and PIKE SURF Italy.

The boards produced by him personally, starting from the project to the final sanding are characterized by having one logo only “fabio giacomini shapes” and are divided into two lines, one for the purpose of promoting the sport “EVERY DAY” , and the other to satisfy any surfer “BUILD YOUR BOARD”

He has designed models for everyday surfing, that is, easy and fun boards for everyone.
There are models and have fixed measurements established by him. They can however vary in thickness and volume. The line is composed of a shortboard,
an egg and a malibu. By designing these models he also thought about surfing instructors, who could use these boards in their schools. Only 100 orders of this line are available a year.

The customer can request any type of custom board that he wants to be produced.
Fabio is available for any project as long as the parameters considered by him are complied with, to ensure good performance of the product. Through this line you can order: SHORTBOARD, FISH RETRO ‘, EGG, LONGBOARD or

In addition to this any other board design that is not easily found on the market or is not on the market at all, can be made. For example, recently he has produced boards for disabled children for SURF4CHILDREN in Italy.

For more information on the models and on the product, please also refer to the DEVELOPMENT and ARCHIVE page of this site.

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